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The committee concluded that for people who have had a myocardial infarction, when treatment with combined clopidogrel and aspirin therapy is no longer appropriate, clopidogrel was a cost-effective use of nhs resources only for people who have a contraindication to aspirin or intolerance to it.

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Muscle aches and pain also occurRarelythese muscle-related symptoms are associated with damage to muscles that releases chemicals into the blood that that can damage the buy artane 5 mg kidneyMuscle damage is of greatest concern when gemfibrozil is combined with statinsThe formation of gallstones and gallbladder surgery have been associated with the use of gemfibrozilPancreatitisabnormal blood liver testsas well as reduced red blood cellsanemiawhite blood cellsleukopeniaand blood plateletsthrombocytopeniaalso have been reported.

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You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following serious side effectsMuscle paintendernessor weakness Blurred vision Signs of infectionssuch as fever or persistent sore throatEasy bruising or bleeding Unusual fatigue Irregular heartbeat Numbness or tingling of the arms or legs Severe stomach/abdominal pain Persistent vomiting/nausea Yellowing of the eyes or skin Dark-colored urine.

Gemfibrozil can cause drowsiness or dizzinessYou should use caution when drivingoperating machineryor performing any other task that requires you to be alert until you know how this medication will affect you.

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